Concept development – targeted, coordinated and documented

Although Langenhan Engineering Services GmbH mainly deals with security concepts for systems, components and IC, they also create product and implementation concepts for other use cases.
Whether it’s energy supply, mobility, logistics or your processes. We can surely show you a way.

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Langenhan Engineering Services GmbH offers you support in systems engineering

Systems engineering seems to pose major challenges for many companies. This world of thought can be so simple and extremely helpful, especially for extensive projects. It supports in particular when considering the entire life cycle of a product and thus protects your company against regardless risks.

In our repertoire you will find:

  • System modeling & analysis
  • Requirements
  • Configuration Management
  • Change management
  • Verification management

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Of course Langenhan Engineering Services supports you with Safety Management

Of course, Langenhan Engineering Services supports you with Safety Management:
This is our main business and the basis of our product understanding. In this sense, we can support your business in many ways to meet the requirements of a wide range of standards.

We offer you:

  • Project support with external safety managers
  • Verification support through review, audits, assessments and acceptance tests
  • Analyses: D-FMEA, FMEDA, FTA, DFA
  • Process descriptions and adaptations

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Product life cycle – a useful concept

The questions in the product life cycle touch on a wide range of aspects, which are sometimes more and less associated with risks – but also opportunities for your company. It is worth making these considerations to be immune to surprises. We are happy to help you with these considerations.

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We offer individual workshops or training sessions on each topic