Langenhan Engineering Services GmbH

Founding history

The idea for Langenhan Engineering Services GmbH goes back to 2001, when Thorsten Langenhan collected his first concrete ideas for self-employment and tried to realise them. As first one, then further jobs in companies followed, more ideas came together without the first ones actually being realised. From 2010, the wide world of functional safety was added, with system worlds, hardware and software from the embedded world, many methods and a handful of psychology from the professional world.

The why

The company is based on the idea of quality according to the Japanese model (Kaizen) with its effectiveness of implementation and continuous striving for improvement.


The implementation of functional safety documentation is orientated towards the necessary basics of processes and methods and the goal of creating a safe product. Excessive formalisms usually do not help the product. The ideas collected are implemented over time in order to improve the world here and there.

Safety and risk

Since the pursuit of safety and the handling of risks while seizing opportunities are part of life, simple principles help to achieve the goals set. This helps in the realisation of ideas as well as in the support of customers in their safety-relevant projects.

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  • Leadership

  • Leadership

  • Kaizen

  • Risk management


Langenhan Engineering Services GmbH works closely with strong partners to fulfil the needs of customers in various industries.